• Plínio Fernandes

    Plínio Fernandes

  • Guy Chambers

    Guy Chambers

  • Cassie Kinoshi

    Cassie Kinoshi

  • Zara McFarlane

    Zara McFarlane

  • Jules Buckley

    Jules Buckley

  • Cerys Matthews

    Cerys Matthews

  • Lang Lang

    Lang Lang

  • Ivana Gavric

    Ivana Gavric

Artist Management, Harmonic Artists

Harmonic Artists represents a small but curated group of artists for recording projects, live concert booking, TV and radio production and presenting, and all other aspects of their artistic activities.

It’s all about the artists and not about Harmonic as a management company, hence we have included the artist websites for you to get an extensive overview of their activities, with a simple contact for us if there is interest in working with the real talent. 

Harmonic Artists is Steve Abbott, Harvey Abbott, Victoria Bastable and John MacArthur.

For live bookings:


For all other bookings & management enquiries: