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Cerys Matthews

Broadcaster - Author - Songwriter

Cerys Matthews is a musician, author and broadcaster.

She hosts and programmes an award-winning radio show on BBC 6 music every Sunday, the Blues Show on BBC Radio 2 each Monday at 9pm and co-hosts Radio 4’s new music show 'ADD TO PLAYLIST' with Jeffrey Boakye, which is airing each Friday at 7.30pm.

Cerys founded the Good Life Experience festival with Charlie and Caroline Gladstone in 2014. She has curated and composed for theatres, including the National Theatre, London and the Tate Modern and was artistic director for the opening ceremony of the World Music Expo 2013. She was awarded an inaugural St David Award for her services to culture from the First Minister of Wales in 2014 and the same year was awarded an MBE for her services to music.

Cerys was a founder member of multi-million selling band Catatonia and sings on the perennial winter favourite 'Baby it's Cold Outside' with Sir Tom Jones. 

Cerys is Vice President for Shelter and the Hay Festival of Literature and the Arts,  patron of the Dylan Thomas Society and Ballet Cymru and President of Gwalia Male Voice Choir, London and received an honorary degree in music from Swansea University. Her interests span science, nature, music, art, literature, and sports.


'Cerys Matthews' on BBC 6Music
'The Blues Show with Cerys Matthews' - BBC Radio 2 
'Add to Playlist' - BBC Radio 4


‘Where the Wild Cooks Go’ - Penguin ( cookbook with Spotify playlists)
'Tell Me The Truth About Life: 100 Poems that Matter' - Michael O'Mara Books
‘Hook, Line and Singer’  - Penguin (Sunday Times best-seller)
'Tales from the Deep - Ancient stories revisited: the Lady of the Lake and Ghost Bells of the Lowlands' - Gomer
'Gelert: Man's best friend' - Gomer


‘We Come From the Sun’ - released on Decca Records 2020 in collaboration with Hidden Orchestra and 10 Poets.
'Dylan Thomas - A Child's Christmas, Poems and Tiger Eggs' 
'Baby It's Cold Outside'
'Paid Edrych Lawyr'
'Beech St Recordings'
'Cerys Matthews Live' 

Praise for 'Add to Playlist' 

"It can lead you to places where you never thought you'd go … from funk to rock n roll, to cultures you never dreamed of …. Safe in the hands of Cerys Matthews and Jeffrey Boakye and the best of musical experts."

"It's like belonging to an exclusive club, nabbing that insider knowledge and being introduced to new and exciting musical worlds you hardly dreamed of."
- The Irish News - Nuala McCann

Praise for 'We Come From the Sun' 

"A fascinating, lyrical collection - what an alt national treasure Cerys has become"
- The Observer  Neil Spencer

'"She's not so much a pop star, more a one-person department of culture"
- Mail Online   (Tim de Lisle)

Praise for 'Where the Wild Cooks Go' 

"A joyous treasure trove" 
- Michael Morpurgo 

"A delight" 
- Sir Tom Jones 

"A tour de force"
- Roger Philips 

Praise for 'Hook Line and Singer' 

"There's something so wide-ranging, so generous and so democratic about this collection"
- The Guardian  Nicholas Lezard 

BBC 6Music - Cerys Matthews: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00llg30

Add to Playlist BBC Radio 4: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m00106lb

The Blues Show with Cerys Matthews - BBC Radio 2: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0b25mg0

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