Tomorrow’s Warriors

Harmonic Artists are proud to support the work of Tomorrow’s Warriors to nurture the next generation of jazz musicians to inspire, foster and grow a vibrant community of artists, audiences and leaders who together will transform the lives of future generations by increasing opportunity, diversity and excellence in and through jazz. Steve Abbott has been a trustee since 2018. 

Founded and led by legendary musician Gary Crosby and Janine Irons, Tomorrow’s Warriors believe in a world where opportunities for participation, ownership and leadership in music and the arts are available to all by offering FREE education, membership to bands and access to mentors to talented young people.

Gary Crosby OBE (Co-Founder & Artistic Director)  “ I know there are kids from a similar background to me who, if given the opportunities, can create great art. I try to encourage self-development. It’s a mixture of deliberation and improvisation, which requires trust in other people. It’s not curriculum style, because what we’re dealing with is art. The individuals are artists, and I want to hear what they have to say about the world. "

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